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Junk files are the useless files which are created with the regular usage of the device. These files are created for temporary use and are left behind in the device when the process is completed. The collection of these junk files highly degrades the performance of your device and also consumes its internal storage space. Therefore, removing junk files becomes very important to enhance the speed of your device.

Just tap on the “JUNK CLEANER” option. It will scan your phone for all the available junk files and will give you the list of them. Remove the junk using the “Clean _ Junk” button. This will discard all the junk files present on your device and free up your storage space to a great extent.

Clearing system cache requires OS permission in devices having Android 6.0 and above. This permission is given by the OS itself and cannot be modified manually. Therefore, the system cache is not cleared automatically and needs to be cleared manually.

No, it doesn’t. ITL Phone Cleaner clears device cache, not data. Use the Junk Cleaner feature of the app without worrying about getting your login details cleared. All your login details are kept as it is.

APKs are the installation files used for installing the Android applications on your device. These APKs might be useful for you. So, these files are not automatically selected while cleaning junk. Hence, while deleting junk files, you can ‘check’ (select) the APKs if you want to delete them along with the other junk files.

The Phone Boost feature speeds up your device speed by killing all the unnecessary processes running in the background. Just tap on “PHONE BOOST” to free up your device RAM and get a faster device.

Social Cleaning is an amazing security feature which protects your privacy by deleting all the media files (images, audio, videos, etc.) related to social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Social Cleaning clears all your social data and hence saves your device space and keeps you protected.

Custom Battery Saver allows you to set the desired battery saving parameters such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. directly and automatically applies the settings.

On the other hand, Battery Saver allows you to automatically set the desired battery profile when the battery is less than a particular value (selected by you).

To create a new Battery Profile, go to the Battery Profile option in the Battery Saver. Tap on ADD PROFILE button, enter the name of your profile, enable or disable the battery parameters as per your choice and tap again on ADD PROFILE button. Now, activate this profile by selecting it using the radio button.

The Duplicate Photos feature allows you to recover storage space by scanning and letting you delete the duplicate and similar photos present on your device.

You can find these photos by either using the recommended settings (default settings) or custom settings.

Finding the duplicate and similar photos is done on the basis of an algorithm. The algorithm not only finds the exact duplicates but also finds the similar looking photos (with little variations) as per your settings. Photos which look similar but are actually different are also scanned as similar photos through this feature.

Just tap Game Booster and then tap “SCAN FOR GAMES” to automatically find the games installed on your device. You can also manually add the games by tapping on “+”(Add Games Here) icon and then select the games you want to add. After adding the games, just tap on any game to boost it and run it. The Game SpeedUp boosts your selected game by terminating all the running processes and clearing your device’s RAM space making space for the selected game.

All the APKs of the apps are stored in the folder named ‘ITLPhoneCleaner’. This folder can be found in the File Manager/File Explorer of your device.

CPU Cooler is a very useful feature to lower down your device temperature whenever your device is heated up. CPU Cooler reduces your CPU usage by killing the unnecessary processes running in the background and therefore cools down your device CPU.

The Large Files feature displays all the large files which are consuming a large amount of storage space on your device. You can filter these files by setting a particular minimum value size so that only those files are displayed. This way you can view and delete the large size files on your device to recover device space.

The Large Files feature is different than the default File Manager/File Explorer of your device. This is because the Large Files feature displays only those files which are occupying extra-large space on your device so that you can delete them and recover device space.

Data Watch helps you keep track of the data usage consumed by the different apps installed on your device. It shows you how much data is uploaded and downloaded by the different apps.

App Addiction is a great feature to give you details about the time spent by you on various installed apps.

Real-Time Protection is a superb security feature which scans your newly installed apps in real-time and alerts you if there is any new infection found.

1-Tap Boost is a shortcut feature which creates a shortcut icon on your home screen. A single tap on this icon instantly boosts your device performance by killing all the active processes occupying your RAM space.

Yes, you can easily disable the notifications. Just go to the Navigation Drawer of the app and tap on Notification Settings. Here, you can disable the notifications that you don’t want to receive.

Sure, you can. You can enable or disable the apps whose notifications you don’t want to be captured by ITL Phone Cleaner by going to the settings icon in the Notification Cleaner.

“Get Pro” provides you the premium version of the app in which you get many additional features such as ad-free version, complete Antivirus security, real-time protection and duplicates removal.

Whenever you download a new app, ITL Phone Cleaner scans it for any threats and viruses present in the app. It ensures that your device is free from any external attacks. Run this scan every time you download a new app.

Some modules of the app require special permissions from the device so as to run. These features cannot work until you give the permission. So, you need to enable ITL Phone Cleaner when the permission pop-up appears.

The screen overlay permission allows an app to display on the top of other apps that you are using. When you face the above case, follow the steps given below to solve this problem:

    1.Tap on OPEN SETTINGS button displayed on the pop-up.

    2.Select each app one by one except ITL Phone Cleaner and turn OFF its toggle.

Make sure the toggle of ITL Phone Cleaner is kept ON so as to allow the various required permissions by the app.